Podcast Editing for busy professionals and thought leaders

Simply record your podcast and send us the audio, we free up your time from editing so that you can focus on growing your business.

Our process - It's as easy as ABC

A. Upload Your Podcast Episode

Simply send us the link to your podcast. 

This is the only part of the process you need to be involved in regularly as you are the only one that can create your original ideas and share them with the world.

B. We Perform Our Magic

Once we have received your episode files, we start working on them immediately.

Our team of professional audio engineers, show note writers, graphic designers and digital marketers help you create an incredible podcast and share it online.

C. We Deliver Premium Results

Our team takes less than 72 hours to prepare each episode. You can review the audio file and show notes and make a request for revisions if you have any.

We can also publish each episode directly to your website and media hosting platform.

What We Do

Audio Editing

We clean up unwanted pauses, false starts and awkward silence to transform your recordings into smooth high-quality podcast episodes that will wow your listeners.

Show Notes

A detailed summary of each episode is written to entice readers to become listeners. We will also provide you with relevant links and key takeaways from each episode.

Podcast Cover Art

An ugly cover art can prevent listeners from clicking your podcast. We design gorgeous cover art that suit your brand and draws the attention of prospective listeners.

Podcast Website

Design a website to attract new fans and organize your content. It can also provide guests, collaborators, reviewers or sponsors the opportunity to easily reach out to you.

Episodic Artwork

We create a unique artwork for each episode of your show. It can be used on your blog posts, social media sites or email newsletters to promote your podcast.


We create professional audio teasers from each episode to help you promote your show on social media sites.

About Us

Fine Podcast is a podcast production service launched by Adedayo Adekunle. 
We create engaging audio content for busy professionals and thought leaders so that they can connect with their audience.