Best Software for Editing Podcasts

Modern apps and software has made the creation and consumption of podcasts accessible to anyone. With just your laptop or smartphone you can create a podcast and share your message with the world.

While creating a podcast is quite simple, you need time, effort and a sound strategy to build your audience which will lead to a successful podcast.

One factor that can’t be ignored in the quest for a successful podcast is editing. Due to the huge amount of podcasts available today, listeners are less tolerant of a poorly produced and unedited podcast. An unedited podcast is an horrible experience for your listeners and affects your brand negatively.

Podcast editing is therefore a necessity for producing a podcast that sounds good.
If you value your listeners time you will make sure you produce a nicely edited podcast that captures the essence of your conversation.

For the purpose of this article we will examine programs that focus more on spoken audio editing instead of music production.

Regardless of the program you choose, the basic things you will likely do on each episode of your podcast include:

  • Creating new projects and recording audio files.
  • Importing existing audio files into your project.
  • Enhance your audio quality by applying various effects such as equalization, noise removal and a host of other effects as at when due.
  • Adjust the volume levels of the track (so that one track isn’t noticeably quieter or louder than the other)
  • Saving your project files so that you can edit your file later
  • Exporting your podcast in MP3 format when you have finished editing

Here are the best podcast editing apps and programs you should check out.

1. Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is a feature packed and powerful piece of software that is an excellent choice for experienced podcasters. You need to understand the basics of audio editing to get the most out of Audition.

It has podcast templates that simplify the recording of multiple audio tracks and an extensive library of sound effects which you can use freely for your episodes.

It’s batch processing function allows you to quickly apply the same effects to separate files and its noise reduction tools gives your tracks a premium feel. It can be obtained for a subscription fee of $20.99 monthly and is a great tool in your arsenal if you are interested in excellent sound quality.

Compatibility: Windows and Mac

2. Audacity

Audacity is a free program that allows you to create podcasts easily. It is often criticized for lacking a user-friendly interface however it’s features rival those found in expensive editing programs.

It allows you to add sound effects, edit multiple tracks, add music, record audio and remove unwanted sounds. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced podcasters.

Compatibilty: Windows, Mac and Linux

3. Garageband

Garageband is a user friendly program that is a great choice for amateurs and professional podcasters. It’s interface is user-friendly and while it is primarily geared towards musicians it features some templates for podcasters.

It also includes sound profiles for male and female voices, jingles and sound effects that you can use for your podcasts.

Compatibility: Mac

4. Hinderburg Journalist

Hinderburg Journalist is a powerful audio editor designed for podcasters, audio producers and radio journalists. It allows you to emphasise on your storytelling as you record voice and interview, add music, organize your material, edit your audio and finally publish your story.

It also includes a built in publishing tool that allows you to upload your podcast to various podcast hosts such as Libsyn, Blubrry, Soundcloud, Whooska, Podbean and more.

Hindenburg Journalist emphasis on podcasting and integration with various podcast hosts make it an excellent choice for amateur podcasters.

It is available as a 30 day free trial and you can purchase it for $95.

Compatibility: Windows and Mac

5. Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is a popular choice for musicians and podcasters. It recently received a major update from Apple with lots of new features that will be useful to musicians such as live loops and step sequencer.

While some of its features might be overkill for most podcasters, it doesn’t take away the fact that it still remains a powerful tool for podcasters. It features a stunning interface with several automation features that make editing your show a breeze. It’s track list feature allows you to edit more than one track at a time.

It also works in conjunction with its iPad and iPhone app Logic remote to to perform Live Loops and Remix FX using Multi-Touch gestures to trigger several loops or effects simultaneously.
It comes with a free trial and you can enjoy its stunning features for a one-time fee of $199.

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