How to generate ideas and content for your business podcast

If you are like most entrepreneurs coming up with content for your podcast is an activity that you often find overwhelming as you saddled with the daily grind of running your business.

What should I talk about is a topic that puzzles most podcasters however coming up with content ideas for your podcast episodes doesn’t have to be a dreadful activity. We will go through some ideas and suggestions you can make use of to come up with content for your show.

If you are just starting out we will look at what you can talk about in your initial episodes and if you are an established podcaster we will also examine the variety of content you can create to keep listeners hooked to your show.

If you are just starting your podcast you should do the following in your first episode

1. Introduce yourself
Tell us your name, who you are, your reason for creating the podcast, the industry you are presently in or hoping to be a part of. You can also share some of the problems you want to address and your suggestions for navigating through the inherent challenges in the industry.

2. Share a useful bit of information
You can share an essential bit of information that beginners often struggle with in your field. You can also share the challenges you encountered in the initial stages of your career and how you were able to navigate and successfully overcome them.

3. Clarify expectations
You need to clarify expectations so that listeners know what to expect during your show and also what to do next after listening to your show.

You can specify how many times you want to release new episodes, if you intend to release episodes once a week, twice a week or every forthnight you can specify it. Listeners need to know what days of the week you intend to release new episodes, it is important for you to release episodes in a consistent schedule so that listeners can fit your show into their lifestyle or daily activities instead of you resorting to releasing new episodes randomly.

Also make sure you mention ways listeners can contact you or get access to what you have worked on such as your website, books, social media networks, email and other resources you have contributed to. This allows listeners who want to engage with you on a deeper level to access you easily. While you are at it you can encourage listeners to drop a review of your podcast after you have released a few episodes as most listeners often need to be nudged a little before they leave a review.

Now that we have discussed what you should do if you are just starting your podcast, let’s examine some content ideas you can experiment with to prevent your podcast from growing stale

1. Give your recommendations
Give your opinion on an issue that is prevalent in your industry and provide your listeners with a compelling reason for your choice. Even if some of your listeners don’t agree with your choice, it provides them with an opportunity to hear a different but well informed perspective on the issue.

2. Tie real world events to your show
If current events in sports, entertainment, politics and the world at large have potential ramifications to activities in your industry, your podcast provides an avenue to discuss this issues on your own or with guests.

3. Tell stories
Stories provide a powerful way to connect with your listeners as people often find it easy to emphatize with the storyteller. You can share your successes, failures, regrets, meeting with mentors, celebrities and the valuable lessons you learnt from those experiences. People also easily remember stories so it is a fascinating way to convey information.

4. Correct misconceptions and false assumptions
Find out the common misconceptions and erroneous assumptions that exist about your industry.

Busting the myths is a great way to inform your listeners of some of the myths they were unaware of, educating them about and clarifying what the correct law, policy, requirement or regulation states so that they don’t remain ignorant of the regulations in your industry.

If your podcast is related to the insurance industry, you could release an episode called 6 auto-insurance myths debunked to educate your listeners.

5. Promote your business
You can occasionally talk about your business on your podcast. Your podcast is an awesome medium for promoting your business. If you are offering a discount on a product, redesigning your website or making an overhaul to your software, you can inform your listeners of this development and give them a platform to offer their feedback and suggestions on your progress.

6. Make top 5 lists
This could be top 5 lists, top 10 lists or longer lists. You could make this list from reviews you have conducted or products you have used personally. People love lists because it allows them to know the top products in their industry and it makes their purchasing decisions easier when they eventually want to make a choice.

7. Address common questions and struggles
A great way of making your podcast content extremely valuable is by educating your listeners.
If you go through various offline and online conversations you will notice that a lot of struggles, challenges and obstacles constantly come up.

Address these issues on your show and detail the steps listeners can take to solve it or minimize the risks associated with making such decisions.

You can release detailed instructions or suggest little changes your listeners can adopt to solve their problems.

8. Check out other podcast or blogs
Ensure you are up to date on the latest news and developments in your field Find out what other industry experts are saying and how you can contribute to the conversation.
If you want to discuss about a specific issue raised about the conversation, find out how you can add your unique insight to the conversation in a way that will be valuable to your audience.

9. Involve your listeners in your podcast
Involve your listeners, ask them to share their experiences, comments, feedbacks and guest recommendations. Responding to your listeners comment will help you to build loyal listeners who will appreciate your contribution because they know you care about them and are focused on adding value to their lives. You can also read and answer their questions occasionally.


Creating engaging content is beneficial to your podcast growth because it helps you to build up a loyal fan base who will love your content, leave reviews and share it online.

It also helps to enhance your reputation in your industry as people trust, respect and buy from people they listen to regularly

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