Why you should start your podcast now

We have been inundated with news of doom and gloom as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic which has put most countries on lockdown. These unfortunate occurrence has caused a lot of people to lose their jobs, fear for their lives and live in a constant state of fear as we are forced to live in a new reality that we neither imagined nor expected will happen to us in our lifetime.

Instead of using this time idly or twiddling your thumbs in despair because you are stuck at home, you can start a podcast to make productive use of your time and share your message with the world.

Let’s clear some common objections that have been holding you back from launching your podcast out of the way.

Objection #1. I don’t have an audience

Most people feel there is no point in starting a podcast if no one will listen to them. What they fail to realize is that almost everyone starts from zero in the beginning because you have not gained credibility or trust in your industry so people won’t be aware of you nor will they be able to ascertain your experience or skills.

A podcast is actually a nice avenue to solve this challenge because you can actually use your podcast to build your audience. If you are consistent in producing your podcast, network effectively and regularly with fellow professionals in your field and add value to the conversations in your industry you will build a loyal audience that will like, trust and appreciate your insights.

Objection #2: It’s too expensive

Advancement in technology has reduced the cost of starting a podcast. In fact it is totally possible to start a podcast today without spending a single dime. You can simply use your smartphone or laptop to record your content and hosting your podcast on anchor which allows you to host your podcast for free.

Using your computers microphone for your podcast is not recommended because the audio quality will be subpar.

To get the best results you invest in high quality equipment. The good news is you only need a few items to get started and it doesn’t cost a lot of money to obtain them.

  • A computer – Any modern computer can be used for your podcast
  • Microphone – The Audio-Technica ATR2100x-USB is a great choice for podcasters and it provides both USB and XLR input.
  • Podcast software (Audacity is a good choice for Windows PC while Mac users can use Garageband)

For a more detailed guide on the equipment and apps you need to launch your podcast check out our resources page

Objection #3: I am not good enough

This excuse majorly comes up as a result of fear. Most of us feel we are not good enough, we are not skilled enough or we are not qualified to speak. The truth is you don’t need to be an expert in your field or have tons of of experience in your industry to host a podcast.

There are so many creative ways you can overcome this objection. You can host an interview style podcast where you discuss with other professionals in your field. You can also offer your thoughts on issues that are affecting your industry. You can share the struggles you are facing and you might discover that other professionals in your field are going through similar struggles and they can resonate with your content.

With these excuses out of the way, here are 5 ways starting a podcast can be a valuable tool to your brand or business.

1. Podcasts are easy to consume
Podcasts consumption is on the rise because it is easy to consume.
Most people will not finish reading a 10 min blog post, they will probably bookmark it and fail to read it later because it is too long and they are distracted by other activities.

Podcasts mitigate against some of the shortcomings of blogs because people can listen to your podcast without disrupting their regular activities such as exercising, commuting to work or cooking.
This makes it a suitable medium for sharing your message. The proliferation of smartphones, tablets and other voice technologies have also increased the consumption of podcasts.

2. Podcasts allow you to build and develop relationships with industry experts
In the same vein as a guest post, your podcast is a great avenue to feature guests who are passionate, experienced and accomplished in their field. Featuring guests on your podcast exposes your audience to different industry experts and allows you to get different thoughts, opinions and insights on an issue.
An additional benefit of starting a podcast is it allows you to build mutually beneficial relationships with your guests which might eventually lead to more business opportunities in future.

3. Podcasts allow you to help people in your niche or industry
Considering how passionate you are about sharing your message, starting a podcast is an ideal way to reach out to and help people in your industry. You can answer common questions, guide newbies, share your failures, successes and other lessons you have learnt over the years.

4. Podcasts offer an avenue for you to potentially make money
It takes time and effort to consistently produce a podcast. So it won’t be out of place to consider earning some money from your podcast.

If you can identify the issues your audience are struggling with and you are able to create valuable content that addresses their needs and solve their problems you will be able to grow your audience and attract revenue making opportunities.
There are a few ways podcasters can make money through their podcast.

Seeking out sponsorship and advertising opportunities is a popular option for podcast creators. If your podcast has a large audience you can charge sponsors to feature their products on your podcast so that they can get exposure to your audience. You can also create ads that recommend products and services that your listeners should check out

If you become well established in your niche, you can also offer to sell your products, services, offer exclusive content to subscribers or coach others in your field. Making money via affiliate marketing by promoting products or services that are essential to what you do is yet another popular option for monetizing your podcast.

5. Podcasts allow you to build your personal brand and position yourself as an expert in your industry

Podcast provide an awesome opportunity for you to strengthen your person brand and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

If you create insightful content that engages your listeners, they will reward you with their loyalty and even recommend your podcast to their friends and colleagues.

Make sure you bring fresh and creative ideas to the table in your podcasts, you are free to experiment with different formats of content so that you can discover what resonates with your audience.

Some podcast formats you can experiment with include interview, solo-casts, conversational/co-hosted, non-fictional storytelling, repurposed content podcast format and more.

Check out our detailed guide for more information on choosing the best format for your show.

Once listeners see you as an expert in your industry they will look to you for new insights and ideas which will make it easier for you to share your message with the world.

Building a personal brand is a continuous process and it is not something you should expect to get instant results from after releasing a few episodes of your podcast.

Start Your Podcast Now

Now that we have identified all the reasons you need to start a podcast, now is the best time to take the plunge and start your podcast.

Starting a successful podcast requires patience, commitment and time so don’t expect your initial episodes to be flawless or attract a large number of downloads.

Your goal at the beginning should be to simply launch your podcast, learn as much from the process and make some adjustments based on the feedback and reviews you receive from listeners.

As you continue producing your podcast, your delivery and content will improve and your audience will appreciate you for your podcast.

Enjoy the process and have fun

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